About Shiela

Wedding Dress

Shiela Hizon is a formally trained professional wedding photographer with services available through out Los Angeles, Orange County and is a premiere wedding photogapher for the Inland Empire. Shiela Hizon documents weddings with a fine art and photojournalistic style and a lifestyle approach for portraits, engagement and post-wedding day (a.k.a. Trash the Dress) photography.

Photography style

I like the old ways especially polaroid.
Some things are better black and white.
I get inspired by the little things.
The details are my favorite.
A good wedding has tears flowing..
.. and lots of laughter.

Get to know

I like making people happy.
I still drive to the beach for the sunset show.
I buy goodies and share.
I make time even though the day is short.
I like being different... and yes, it is "i before e".
If time stood still, I would take a deep breath.

If you felt a connection with my photographs, then I successfully relayed to you a moment. Photography is my music: it's a gift that I want to share with everyone. I like to collaborate with the (wedding) couples I photograph because I want to capture (their) true personalities. Posing, absolutely NOT mandatory.